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How To Stop Boredom Eating

Nov 24, 2021

Do you go to food whenever you sense an ounce of boredom?


Most people boredom eat and that’s ok.⁣

Food is pleasurable. It gives us that dopamine hit.⁣ It’s something!

So it can solve boredom temporarily.

But when food is the ONLY thing you use to ‘solve’ boredom, it can become a problem.⁣


It can easily spiral from boredom overeating to boredom bingeing, especially if there's restriction going on already in the background.

Ironically, starting this business gave me such a sense of purpose - it solved a lot of my boredom eating.⁣

Of course, you don’t need to start a biz. But if you’re struggling with boredom eating, it might be time to enrich your life.⁣

How can you add more fulfilment to your life? (Ideas: movement, nature, friends, parties, new hobbies, love, planning socials, a new skill)⁣


One thing to question though is: am I really bored?


Or am I so used to being overstimulated, staring at 3 different screens at once?⁣

It might be a sign to slow down and be OK with nothingness.⁣


That's something I practiced quite a bit last year when I noticed that my mind was constantly racing, never resting (partly as a way to cope with boredom). I would try to lie down on the grass on my morning walks and try to just watch the clouds go by. As soon as I noticed my mind racing again (it was a matter of seconds!), I'd gently restart the process.


It could be worth trying as well for you when it comes to boredom eating. Next time you're on the couch watching TV and notice that urge to grab a snack (even though you're not hungry), press pause and watch your thoughts. Allow yourself a moment to slow down and do ... nothing! You'll be amazed at how foreign and difficult it may feel.


Of course, another approach is to lean into your emotion. Instead of always distracting ourselves with other activities (as suggested above), we can face the emotion physiologically. Just as we would with sadness, stress, loneliness - we can honour the feeling of boredom.


I've got an incredible 5-step framework for managing emotions in a healthy way in this free masterclass: How to NOT binge eat when stressed, sad, tired or bored.


Check it out!

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