Free From Binge-Eating With Brid

Free From Binge-Eating With Brid

Hosted by: Bríd

Are you sick of feeling guilty binge-after-binge, tired of hating your body, and so DONE with yo-yoing between bingeing and restricting? Then THIS is the podcast for you! I wasted 10 years obsessing and stressing...

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How I Dealt With Body Comparison At The Beach

Episode #26

My first time in a bikini in about a year was confronting at first! In this ep I share how I dealt with body comparison and insecurities while on holiday this week.   Let's work together! DM me on Instagram...
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How To Re-Design Your Life And Let Go Of Negative Patterns

Episode #27

You are the creator AND destroyer of your own experience. It’s your choice! In this ep, I share some recent learnings from my mentor on my coaching certification course with Hungry For Happiness.   Let's work...
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9 Tips To Handle The Post-Binge Aftermath

Episode #28

I remember that feeling all too well - feeling physically sick, angry that you did it again, wondering why you just can't seem to control yourself. And planning out how you're going to make up for it. The problem is...
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This Client Hasn’t Binged In 2 Months: 5 Things That Helped Most

Episode #29

In today's episode I share 5 key tools and tips that helped one client finally get over binge-eating. Now, she's focused on bigger and better things in her life instead of obsessing over weight and food.   Ready to...
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What To Do When You Can’t Stop Craving Sugar

Episode #30

Sugar cravings are a b*tch! Or so you think… In this ep, I’ll go through my take on how to deal with sugar cravings, taking you through the 3 types of restriction that can lead to bingeing, over-eating and...
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The Power Of Noticing Your Thoughts When Healing

Episode #31

This is one of the biggest tools that helps my clients overcome binge-eating and poor body image. Instead of letting thoughts control you, we take back control. You get to have a choice over which thoughts to let...
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How To Create Habits That Actually Stick

Episode #32

I spent years saying I'd start a new diet on Monday and never binge again, but I broke those promises over and over again. My desired new habits weren't sticking. In this ep, I share 4 steps to creating habits that...
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Ditching The Scale, Being Kinder To Yourself & More With Hayley Jenkins

Episode #33

Guys! Please welcome my first guest on the podcast! Woo! And what an enjoyable chat it was - I can't wait for you to dig in. We talk everything from not being the mean girl in your own life, to what we'd tell our...
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My Story With PCOS & Binge-Eating

Episode #34

I have PCOS - and so do about 1/10 women! It can be really difficult getting that diagnosis. But then add in an eating disorder, suddenly it gets way more difficult. Not only do you feel guilty after binges anyway,...
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4 Clients, 4 Wins: How They All Made Major Healing Shifts This Week

Episode #35

Today, I'm sharing how 4 of my current 1:1 clients are killin' it with their healing journey. Each is on their own path, at different stages, dealing with different obstacles. Find out how each of them is stepping so...
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Let's All Stop And Smell The Roses

Episode #36

It's a quickie today but so important! Whether it's in our healing journey, our careers, or life in general - so rarely do we stop and smell the roses. Our brains are wired to focus on the negatives. So I invite you...
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Are Your Thoughts Helping You Or Holding You Back?

Episode #37

We are the creators and destroyers of our reality. We get to decide. And it all starts with our thoughts and beliefs. Are yours helping you? Or holding you back? Learn about 4 types of productive and unproductive...
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