3 Things I Wish I Knew When Struggling To Lose 25kg (55lbs)


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✨ 3 Things I wish I'd known when struggling to lose 25kg (55lbs) you can reach physique goals in an easier way!


✨ How to lose fat without messing up your metabolism and fat loss doesn't feel like an impossible chore!


✨ How to lose fat while still enjoying you can keep up with it until you reach your goals!


✨ How to stay in the driver's seat with weight you don't spiral into unhealthy food behaviours in the process!

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Why Learn From Me?

Hey! I'm Bríd, Certified Food & Body Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and Weight Management Specialist!

From the age of 16 to 26 I was heavily stuck in the vicious binge-diet cycle. My weight constantly fluctuated by 50 pounds (25-ish kg), yo-yoing up and down.

I felt desperate and lost. I had no idea how to make the binges stop and missed out on some amazing years of life. All I thought about was food and weight loss 24/7!

Things did get better though ðŸ˜… Wildly better. I lost the weight I'd gained from years of binge-eating. have zero urge to binge. EVER. Weight and food is EASY now.

After turning my mess into a message by helping women heal their food relationship, I soon realised there was a missing piece:

No one was teaching women how to actually lose weight in a gentle, sustainable way that wouldn't lead them back down that same path of obsessing, bingeing, and deprivation.

I thought - if only we'd all known how to lose weight in a healthy way in the first place, we probably wouldn't have ended up in the binge-diet cycle.

I figured out how to easily lose weight myself and wanted to teach everyone else but...

I knew I needed more knowledge on the subject (not just using my own experience) so I did a Holistic Nutritionist course AND a Weight Management Specialist Course with AFPA. 

Now with an arsenal of science to back me up ðŸ§‘‍🔬, I'm sharing how to lose fat sustainably in this course: Sustainable Fat Loss (SFL)😎

Hear from some Badass Babes who took action & implemented the tools I'm teaching you...

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