Tired of binge-eating? Want food freedom?


Learn why you're still binge-eating and how to stop:


Is This You Now?

  • On that vicious binge-restrict rollercoaster
  • Feeling ashamed, guilty and disgusted after every binge
  • Obsessed about your weight and fearful of weight gain
  • Constantly thinking about and planning food
  • Trying to be 'healthy' in the day only to binge at night
  •  Scared that you'll never be able to change

And This Is Your Dream?

  • Zero desire to binge
  • Eating 'normally' with total self-trust around old binge foods
  • No longer obsessed with food and weight loss - able to focus on bigger, better things
  • Feeling confident & happy again
  • Accepting and even loving your body

Here's How I Can Help You

Let's get you on the healing path that's best for you

30 Day Reboot Course

Kickstart healing today on this self-guided online course. You'll receive new learning content each day along with mini-tasks to implement so we really action change. 


Sustainable Fat Loss

If you still want to lose weight after finding food freedom, you deserve to know how to do that in a sustainable way that doesn't mess up your food relationship. This course shows you how!


Don't know where to start?

Check out my FREE resources!

Why You're Still Binge-Eating Masterclass

Still binge-eating even though you've tried everything? Want to find out how to stop? Get instant access to this free masterclass.

3 Things I Wish I Knew When Struggling To Lose 25KG

In this free video, I'll show you how easy weight loss can actually be with the right tools.

How To NOT Binge Eat When Stressed, Sad or Bored Masterclass

Binge eating mostly because of emotions? Get my proven 5-step framework to help you cope with emotions in a healthier way.


"I cannot believe this course! It's amazing. This is...life-changing! Thank you sooo much"


"I LOVE this program! I am learning that I'm capable of loving myself. And that food doesn't have to haunt me every second of the day. It's a beautiful feeling"


"I'm 30 days binge-free, so happy! This is the BEST I have felt in terms of self-acceptance in years and years! Thanks for the support!"

get you because I was you!


I was stuck on that binge-diet rollercoaster for a decade! It consumed my mind 24/7 and completely stopped me from living my life to the fullest. 

More About Me

"I haven't binged since starting. This is something I've done for 10 years. This course is sooo powerful! I feel so FREE. Thank you!"


"I was skeptical about signing up to an online program, but I'm so glad I took the risk! I don't even THINK about bingeing anymore."


"I thought I'd be stuck bingeing forever. But it's 5 months after the course and I'm not bingeing, my negative self-talk is gone, and my confidence is through the roof!"