How To NOT Binge Eat When Stressed, Sad or Tired


(If you're not restricting or dieting but STILL binge-eating due to emotions, this is for you!)


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✨ Why you're going to food to cope with difficult you can gain clarity, understanding and self-compassion!


✨ My proven 5-step framework to deal with emotions in a healthy you can stop letting emotions control you driving you to binge!


✨ Specific tips to manage stress, sadness, boredom and tiredness ...instead of binge-eating every time you feel those emotions!

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Hey - I'm Bríd!

I went from a decade-long struggle with binge-eating and my weight...


To having total food freedom, body acceptance and, the best part, no more binge-eating!


I've now helped 100's of women also heal their food and body relationship using my proven framework ðŸ˜


Bríd McNulty - Food & Body Coach, Course Creator, World-Traveller, Dog-Lover

Hear from some badass babes who took action & implemented the tools I'm teaching you...

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