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Does Binge Eating Affect Your Sex Life? Your Intimacy?

Feb 17, 2022
sex and binge eating

Is binge eating affecting your sex life? Your dating life? I know it definitely did for me.

This might be wayyy TMI but back in college, I had a crush on this guy and one Friday night, I had binged on an entire carrot cake alone. It was about 9pm, I was painfully stuffed, stomach protruding.


And suddenly, PING! My phone buzzed and he'd texted, "Hey, want to come out tonight?". I hesitated. I felt SO gross in my body. And this was back in the days where everyone wore body-con dresses to the club - the ones you had to pull down every two seconds as you walked.

But I said yes and got ready. We ended up back at my place later, he walked into my room and saw this huge box of carrot cake on my desk with just a few crumbs left. I don't even think he asked but I panicked and made up some lame excuse why it was there.




He later made some weird back-handed comment "Your body is actually kind of nice?".


But that wasn't the worst of it - over the next year my binge eating got out of control and my weight shot up another 12kg (it was already 10kg above my natural weight).

I felt so embarrassed at the idea of him seeing how I'd 'lost myself', like he'd pity me, that it was one reason I stopped going to university classes. Which, of course, only perpetuated the whole bingeing cycle.


Anyway, I digress! I'm sure you have a dozen similar stories where binge eating got in the way of your sex and dating life. And we are all just too sexy for that to happen!


So I'm here lending a helping hand. Let me help you stop binge eating and feel SEXY again with my 30 Day Reboot course. Over 30 days, you'll learn exactly what you need to stop binge eating and find total food and body freedom. More than that though, I'll help you take action on those tools so you see real change.

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With Love,


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