Food Freedom is 30 Days Away!


The 30 Day Reboot is your step-by-step guide to getting off the binge-diet rollercoaster and healing your food relationship.


“It’s been 25 years of food struggles for me and I finally feel like I have my life back!” - Alanna

Dreaming of feeling free, healthy and balanced with food?


If you want a food & body relationship where you're not...


  • Binge eating in secret 
  • Desperately trying to undo the ‘damage’ from binges
  • Scared to eat out at restaurants spontaneously 
  • Worried about food and calories 24/7
  • Emotionally eating after work most days
  • Panicked about your yo-yoing weight


then your solution is...

The 30 Day Reboot!

An online course designed by someone who has been through the binge-diet cycle for 10 years and has now helped over 600 women find food freedom.

Let's Do This!

Let's time travel to your future self


Here's what you’ll achieve in the 30 Day Reboot:

  • You don't even remember the last time you binged - it's not a part of your life anymore.

  • You don't obsess over your food choices or weight - you're free!

  • You don't feel fear and dread stepping on the scale - you don't even think about your weight anymore.

  • You say 'yes' to social events and show up unapologetically you not caring what others may think about your body.

  • You feel confident to rock a bikini at the beach.

  • You finally wear the clothes you really want to wear.

  • You're free of the shame and secrecy from bingeing and self-sabotage.

  • "Diet starts Monday" is no longer a part of your vocabulary.

  • And life just feels easy again…


This is possible for you!


This program is designed to help you reach these exact results.

Together, we’ll go deep to explore the real reasons behind your bingeing. You’ll learn how to manage the negative emotions that trigger your bingeing, how to feel more at peace with yourself, and how to eat ‘normally’ again.

Does that sound amazing? Well, it can happen.

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  • Daily video lessons
  • Daily guided audios
  • Daily mini-tasks to practice
  • Unlimited DM support
  • Access to my private FB group
  • A 30 minute 1-to-1 video call with me

Doubt That It'll Actually Work? Ashley Struggled for 25 Years ⬇️

Women who are THRIVING now

I was in your same shoes - From the age of 16 to 26 I was heavily stuck in that vicious binge-diet cycle. My weight constantly fluctuated by 50 pounds, up and down.

I felt desperate and lost. I had no idea how to make the binges stop and missed out on some amazing years of life. All I thought about was food and weight loss 24/7.

Things did get better though! Wildly better. I have zero urge to binge. It's not a thing anymore and it can 100% be that way for you too.

I'm now turning my mess into a message by helping high-achieving women, like you, break free from the binge-diet cycle so they can finally focus on bigger, better things in life. I went through that mess for way longer than needed - so you don't have to.

I have taken the confusion & frustration out of recovery for you.

You'll get all of the proven tools and guidance you need in the 30 Day Reboot.

If you want to say goodbye to binge eating, trust yourself with ‘bad’ foods in the kitchen, and eat 'normally' again...

Let's work together to set you free!

I'm Ready To Start

The 30 Day Reboot changed their lives

But, but, but I hear you saying...

Part of you is like, "Bríd, sign me up!", but the doubtful, skeptical voice is peeping in let me get some answers for you.

"I Didn't Think It'd Work For Me" - Hear About Alanna's Transformation ⬇️

What is staying stuck costing you? What price have you already paid?

I spent over £20,000 trying to stop binge-eating and 'fix' my weight. And that doesn't even include things that you can't put a price on like memories, opportunities, relationships...

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They broke up with binge-eating and YOU can too

2 Months Later...

I felt really called to message you and let you know how life-changing the 30 Day Reboot was for me! It gave me so many tools and insights into binge eating, and I can happily say that since completing it I have only overeaten a handful of times and never actually gone into a full binge. Thank you for sharing this with the world!

Completely changed the trajectory of my life

Bríd is a genius for coming up with this course and I was so lucky to have her and her years of experience teaching me along the way. I find myself constantly growing and moving into a more healed and self-aware version of myself. I highly, highly recommend this course!!

Helped me gain so much of my life back!

I just finished the 30 Day Reboot - within the first few days of starting I was already telling my family how liberated I felt. Already the freedom I have around food is amazing. I now look forward to going out and social gatherings, things I used to avoid because of bingeing. You helped me when I was starting to think I would never stop bingeing. 

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