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What if I actually NEED to restrict certain foods because of intolerances/health reasons?

Jan 20, 2022
dairy intolerance binge eating

One of the most common questions I get!


Here's my take on it:


First off, I GET it. I have PCOS.


When I was binge eating, I never had a period (not because of low body weight but because my hormones were so off).


I always had in the back of my mind, "You REALLY shouldn't be bingeing on these cookies!"


Not only because it was making me gain weight like crazy!


But because my PCOS was insulin-resistance related and all that sugar and fat wasn't helping at all.


I had this extra pressure and guilt on myself.


If you have intolerances or digestive issues, the direct and immediate impacts of eating foods that you shouldn't can be way stronger than with PCOS.


So can the guilt of eating those foods! It's like "I REALLY want to eat this food because it's delicious but it'll harm my body immediately"


So what to do?


Identify your values around food and how you want to feel, and make value-based decisions.


For example, your (new) value might be "I want to enjoy a diverse diet while taking care of my body" or "I love to eat foods that love me back"


So you act in alignment with this value.


You keep variety in your food choices (not feeling deprived) but know to avoid certain foods that make your body feel like poop.


I'd also look at your intentions behind cutting foods out.


There's a BIG difference between cutting out carbs because you're scared of gaining weight and being unloved...




cutting out gluten because you just found out you have Coeliac's and want to treat your body right.


I know in this food relationship healing journey we bang on about not restricting but there should be an asterisk there saying [with fear-based, self-rejecting, harmful intentions].


It's ok to 'restrict' foods that truly harm you.


You can even use a difference word for it if 'restriction' has negative connotations for you e.g. avoiding, removing, dialling back on, switching.


Remember to be kind and patient with yourself in this process.


It's a behavioural change that takes time 😊


If you need structured help with stopping binge eating - check out my 30 Day Reboot course.


With Love,


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