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How To Deal With Sugar Cravings While On Your Period

Dec 02, 2021
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If you find yourself overeating while on your period or gravitating towards sugary's ok.


Damn, we really do put a lot of pressure on ourselves.


Not only are we literally shedding the lining of a life-creating organ, but we expect ourselves to NOT feel/act any differently during this time?


Now while we don't actually use extra calories when ON our periods, it turns out our bodies require 100-300 more calories during the luteal phase (the week before our period).


So your cravings during your period may be down to you having suppressed or ignored your higher calorie needs the week before.


Ensure you fuel your body during the luteal week extra well.


I'd also ensure your period cravings aren't down to the feelings you might be experiencing during your period (like pain!).


So the best you can do is allow more food in the luteal phase so you don't feel deprived by the time your period arrives AND take care of your emotions (freebie to help with that here).

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