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The Biggest Reason You're Not Losing Weight

Dec 09, 2021
frustrated woman

Have you been trying to reach your goal weight for forever?


I remember it being my main goal / New Year's resolution for years.


It was always my birthday wish "please, can this be the year I finally reach my goal weight".


The thing is - that whole time I was also binge eating on the regular.


How the hell was I supposed to LOSE weight when I was consuming 1,000s of calories worth of binges several times a week?


Same goes for you!


It's really an impossible task.


The biggest reason you're not losing weight isn't your discipline.


It's not the food plan.


It's not the type of exercise.


It's the fact you're binge eating.


And how can the two co-exist?


Healing binge eating requires lifting restrictions, stabilising your body and mind.


Weight loss requires some form of a deficit.


As someone who binged for ten years, battled with her weight...and now hasn't binged in 4+ years and is back at her natural weight:


The best way to reach your physique goals AND heal your food relationship is to do them one-by-one.


Starting with the binge eating.


Imagine if you weren't binge eating anymore and food wasn't riddled with guilt, overthinking, stress.


Weight loss would be EASY.


So let's start with the binge eating.


Let's get you to a stabilised, in-control space.


I will give you everything you need in the 30 Day Reboot. Click here to begin.

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