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...but it doesn't have to be.

 I'm sure, just like me, you've tried a million things to try to get rid of your binge-eating. But you just can't seem to shake it off! That unstoppable, tunnel-vision urge to binge keeps rearing its ugly head. ðŸ˜…

I'm sure it's eroding away at your confidence, your ability to change, your self-trust. I feel ya!

I was on the binge-diet rollercoaster for a full decade. Thankfully, I'm out of that mess now and have been in a solid place for almost 3 years now! Not only did I figure out how to stop binge-eating for myself, but I've now helped 100s of women break free too.

And in the process, I've noticed what really, really works, what's fluff, and what doesn't work.

I've distilled my method down to 5 game-changing tools for you to focus on. These steps will move the needle the most for you - they're tried and tested!

So if you're ready to jumpstart your healing journey, this resource is PURE GOLD ðŸ”¥ 

If you're sick and tired of trying to dig yourself out of the binge-diet cycle, this guide covers everything you need to gain momentum.

Whether you've been struggling with bingeing for decades or a few months, this workbook will show you exactly what you need to be focusing on to say goodbye to bingeing for good.

These are the same steps I use with 1:1 clients (aka the women who pay me $1,000s to guide them).

Meet Your Mentor: Bríd

Founder & CEO of Free With Bríd

Hey ðŸ‘‹  I'm Bríd, Founder of Free With Bríd and ex-binge-eater!

From the age of 16 to 26 I was heavily stuck in that vicious binge-diet cycle. My weight constantly fluctuated by 50 pounds (25-ish kg), yo-yoing up and down.

I felt desperate and lost. I had no idea how to make the binges stop and missed out on some amazing years of life. All I thought about was food and weight loss 24/7!

Things did get better though ðŸ˜… Wildly better. I have zero urge to binge. EVER. It's not a thing anymore. And it can 100% be that way for you too.

I'm now turning my mess into a message by helping high-achieving women, like you, break free from binge-eating so you can finally focus on bigger, better things in life. And so you can have a healthy, happy relationship with food and yourself again.

If you want to say goodbye to binge-eating, trust yourself with binge foods in the kitchen, and eat 'normally' again...I'm your girl!

Get your workbook below and let's work together to set you free from binge-eating! ðŸ˜Ž

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