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Can You Lose Weight While Healing Your Food Relationship?

Feb 23, 2022
lose weight while doing food freedom

This is the golden question.


I get it all the time.


If you've been wondering the same thing, and even holding off on healing your food relationship because of fear of weight gain, stick around.


Now anything is technically possible - you could lose weight while healing your food relationship but it's unlikely.


If you did lose weight, it'd probably be unintentionally / as a side effect of healing your food relationship.


For example, if you mainly binge due to lack of fulfilment in your life and you then improve that hence halting the bingeing - you could lose weight.


Particularly if you have more excess weight than the average person.




And it's a big but so listen up, folks:


Most often, the main reason you are binge eating is because of prolonged attempts at extreme dieting (aka weight loss). There may be other factors at play, but this is often a biggie.


So the very thing that you want (weight loss) can be keeping you stuck binge eating.


So what does this mean?


I strongly recommend pressing pause on weight loss while you stabilise and heal your food relationship.


Think about it - it is SO tough and tiring to constantly diet off binge calories.


On TOP of the existing weight you want to lose.


So what if you stopped binge eating for good? Wouldn't weight loss get so much easier (especially if you knew how to do it in a sustainable, healthy way)?


What I'm getting at is...


Stop the binge eating first. Then once you feel TRULY relaxed and in control around food again, if you still want to lose weight, do it then.


Stop trying to do both at the same time - it ain't working! (Trust me I've been there).


Of course, the 30 Day Reboot is here for you to help with that first step, and Sustainable Fat Loss is there for the second step.


Click here to heal your food relationship first.



With Love,

Bríd 💚

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