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...but it doesn't have to be.

If you're anything like me, you've tried tirelessly to like what you see in the mirror from positive thinking to social media curation. But it just feels endless - those bad body image days keep coming back around! ðŸ˜…

It's probably taking its toll on you and you feel like maybe you'll just never be able to love your body. I get it!

I spent a full decade absolutely hating my body, at constant war with it. Thankfully, I'm in a much better state now. I've not only discovered how to fully accept my body through the ups and downs , but I've also helped countless other women do so too. 

In working with so many women, I've found that so many of us get stuck in a bad body image slump. We become consumed for days or weeks on how gross we feel in our bodies. It's all we can think of!

That's why I've created this free Body Image Boost. You'll get three incredible, unique guided audios that will help you feel more confident and happy in your skin.

So if you're ready to feel more accepting of your body, this resource is PURE GOLD ðŸ”¥

If you're tired of a letting a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at a 'bad angle' turn into days of scrutinising your body, this freebie will give you what you need to boost out of that low place.

Whether it's a bloated belly, that time of the month or obsessing over one 'flaw' on your body, the Body Image Boost will give your a fresh take on how to feel more accepting of your body.


Meet Your Mentor: Bríd

Founder & CEO of Free With Bríd

Hey ðŸ‘‹  I'm Bríd, Founder of Free With Bríd and ex-binge-eating-body-hating woman!

From the age of 16 to 26 I was stuck in a battle with my body. I was constantly on the endless chase for better. I was convinced that perfecting my body would mean happiness.

I was also heavily stuck in that vicious binge-diet cycle. My weight constantly fluctuated by 50 pounds (25-ish kg), yo-yoing up and down.

I felt desperate and lost. I had no idea how to just love my body and all that it does for me. I skipped out on countless nights out and events because I thought my body wasn't good enough and feared judgement. All I thought about was weight loss 24/7!

Things did improve though ðŸ˜… Much better! I'm off the weight-loss band wagon, exercising for the feeling (and not weight loss), liking what I see in the mirror. And best of all - being able to move on with my day, focusing on more important things than my 'flaws'.

I'm now turning my pain into purpose by helping wonderful women, like you, finally feel free, happy and confident in their own skin. I want to help you truly feel that you're so much more than a body.

If you want to say goodbye to avoiding selfies like the plague, dreading being in a bikini, constantly sucking your stomach in, and fearing weight gain...I'm your girl!

Get your Body Image Boost below and let's work together to set you free! ðŸ˜Ž

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