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How Do I Stop Crash Dieting Before Vacation?

May 27, 2022
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How Do I Stop Crash Dieting Before Vacation?

 Do you panic-diet to lose weight last minute before a bikini holiday?


Do you find that in the weeks or months coming up to a bikini holiday you suddenly get even more panicked about weight loss?


You plan out an extreme diet combined with excessive exercise to bring about quick fat loss so that you look ‘better’ in bikini pics?


First off - I know this feeling so well. I used to always plan a fast weight loss program before bikini trips. Lots of running. Lots of cutting carbs.


Also on the holiday itself I’d be stressing about food - even refraining from drinking water while at the beach because it would make my belly look bigger in photos. Simply not allowing myself to enjoy food at all.


If that’s you - what can you do?


I’ve broken down the tips into two sections: things you can do now and during the holiday to keep calm, and more long-term changes you can make so this problem doesn’t keep arising.


In the moment

 1. Visualise yourself on holiday


Use the power of visualisation to prepare yourself mentally. Close your eyes and imagine you having fun on holiday in THIS body. What do you want it to be like?


How do you want to feel? What can you envision yourself doing on the trip? What’s actually important for you for this holiday? To relax? Connect? Explore? Fun?


Can you shift focus to THAT instead of obsessing about losing a few pounds.


 2. Remember Nothing Major Will Change Before Then


I know you know it but I want to remind you again - remember that nothing MAJOR is going to happen in a few days or weeks with your body - up or down. So your efforts and the stress probably won’t even be worth it — plus we know those quick fixes end in rebounds and binge-eating.


 3. Acknowledge The Part Of You That Is Panicking Right Now


Give love to that part of you that just wants to look ‘hot’ for the pics. The version of you who wants to proudly share them on social media and have people think she looks hot. That part that wants to receive fire emojis under your bikini photo!


She just wants that validation. She wants to be seen as attractive. Feel wanted. And that’s ok. Many of us want that feeling.


Especially in this world where a woman’s slim body and youthful beauty are so valued - unfortunately.


Maybe there’s a part of you that wants to slim down because then you’ll feel like you can relax and enjoy the holiday and actually enjoy photo-taking. She wants to be able to enjoy playing at the beach and trying delicious food. If that’s the case, return to that visualisation - can you allow yourself all of these things in this body?


We often tell ourselves, AND BELIEVE, the lie that we can’t enjoy being on the beach unless we have a ‘perfect’ body with no belly rolls. It’s a lie that stops us from enjoying well-deserved holidays. Remember that there’s no reason why the current you can’t have fun on holiday.


 4. Expand Your Consciousness


Find examples of women with YOUR body looking hot and confident in bikini photos. Prove to yourself that it is possible to feel beautiful in this current body.


 5. Take a Photo Break


If you’re mainly stressed about not having the ‘perfect bikini body’ for photo-taking - can you allow yourself a photo-free day while away?


Of course, we all want to capture vacations through photographs but if you’re not eating and drinking enough because you fear looking ‘bad’ in photos at the beach, then promise yourself a day (or more) where you won’t take photos of your body.


It may not be a long-term solution but it will at least give you a chance to truly be present and feel good on vacation.


 6. Take Care Of Yourself Now


Instead of cutting calories and forcing excessive exercise on yourself - can you focus now on just maintaining your current body and taking care of yourself.


Show yourself love by eating normally. Show yourself that you’re worthy now by exercising in ways you actually enjoy because, remember, nothing you do in these final weeks before holiday will make such a noticeable change to your body.


So why not go into the holiday feeling well-nourished and relaxed instead of panicked and stressed.


 7. Make Sure Your Bikini Fits Your Current Body


Don’t fall into the trap of buying a bikini a size small to ‘motivate’ you into quick weight loss. The last thing you want is to be on holiday regretting not having a bikini that fits your body.


That feeling of a bikini digging into your skin or leaving red marks will only make you feel even less confident in your body. Buy or bring one that makes you feel relaxed as can be.




If you’re worried about how your body looks, how can we make long-term changes so you’re not finding yourself in this same predicament before every holiday?


1) Long-term Body Image Work 


Do the inner work to shift your perspective, beliefs and fatphobia to find true body acceptance/neutrality. Learn and feel that it’s ok to be in this body. Learn to see the body as an instrument, not an ornament. For that kind of inner healing - I’d recommend my course Body Love Academy

This work is so worth it long-term because our bodies will all change at some point. They’ll gain/lose weight, stretch, sag, shrink. To become adaptable to this change and let our self-worth be so attached to it is powerful. It will go a long way!


2) Learn How To Reach Physique Goals Long-term


If after doing body image work you’re still thinking, “you know what, I still would like to shift the way my body looks and feels” - that’s fine. It’s ok. But let’s do it in a way that’s gentle, sustainable and healthy. Let’s not rush it just before every bikini holiday only to rebound after or even during the holiday!


Let’s pair it with more self worth, body image work so we don’t reach this goal and end up like ‘huh? I STILL don’t feel enough??


I STILL need to change something!’ For that - I’d check out Sustainable Fat Loss - my newest course. It will guide you with science-backed information on how to reach physique goals without messing up your food or body relationship. 



Those are the tips for not panic-dieting before beach trips. 


The main takeaway note: Nothing major will change in the weeks before a holiday! So can you LET yourself accept things as they are enough to ENJOY the holiday. To be present, laugh, have fun, eat, swim, play… that’s the whole point of the holiday after all, isn’t it!


Lots Of Love,



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