There's something incredibly powerful in seeing pages and pages of proof that change is possible.

To see that so many others who were in your same position have got to where you want to be...

That's powerful.

Scroll through this page whenever you need that reminder.


I don’t remember the last time I binged! Wow!


I have learnt to accept my body without fear and talk to myself with kindness and compassion. I feel sooo much more at ease with food and with myself. I’m so glad I took the plunge and invested in this course! Thank you Brid

Emotional Regulation

What I really wanted was to feel more confident in myself, to treat myself like a best friend, and to not let my emotions run the show. Brid taught me all of that and more. I love myself now. 

Learning Sustainable Fat Loss

I wanted to continue my journey after completing the 30-day reboot. Still healing my relationship with food while learning a heathier way to eat and ultimately losing weight that I've been struggling with. I appreciated your gentle approach to this. It combined science and mindset. I found that helpful. I also appreciated the consistent, positive, non-triggering messaging in this course.

Free In A Bikini

I went on vacation without feeling the need to 'prepare' my body and while I was there I ran in my bikini without feeling the need to suck in my stomach!

6 Weeks No Binge

I am 6 weeks without a binge!!! The longest I've ever gone is 2 weeks in my 15 years of bingeing. I'm actually starting to get my hunger cues back!