There's something incredibly powerful in seeing pages and pages of proof that change is possible.

To see that so many others who were in your same position have got to where you want to be...

That's powerful.

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Binge Eating

The Awareness

Hey Bríd, I've finally finished the 30-Day Reboot! Just wanted to say a huge thanks for putting this course out there. You are super relatable and I've honestly loved doing it. There are still a few things that are a work in progress but I can now recognise what drives me to binge or overeat and there are so many tools to pick and choose from to help overcome it. Thank you so much! 


I don’t remember the last time I binged! Wow!

6 Weeks No Binge

I am 6 weeks without a binge!!! The longest I've ever gone is 2 weeks in my 15 years of bingeing. I'm actually starting to get my hunger cues back!

8 Months In My Journey

I can now say I'm 8 months into my journey and I CANNOT remember the last time I binged. I owe it to you and I am so proud of myself. Thank you for always understanding and normalizing this eating disorder. It is so misunderstood and not spoken about enough, yet it is SO real. Love this account, love you, and THANK YOU for everything you're been for me these last 8 months!

My Relationship With Food

Proud that I can lease food unfinished if I'm full (like pizza or cake) and that I get to have normal-sized treats because I feel it's enough and I don't want more, not because I'm restrictive. I honestly feel so much better than this time last year. My relationship with food changed massively! I, of course, still have certain things to work on but it doesn't compare! 

I'm so proud to be able to keep all of my binge foods in the house and not be afraid that I'm going to binge! 

25 Years Of Bingeing, Gone!

Insanity! Legitimately can't think of anything I want to do less than binge and stuff myself until I can't breathe. It doesn't even cross my mind! NOW I can FINALLY say I have truly TRULY broken a 25-year habit. Weeks and weeks and weeks of just eating. Being a fucking human and just eating. The simplest thing on earth and I just couldn't figure it out for 25 years! But I can tell you with 100% certainty I would have NEVER gotten here if I hadn't worked with you. Thank you for changing my life.


Still can't remember the last time I binged. Zero desire to binge, honestly.


I look forward to learning so much more - but honestly I'm already so happy and proud, this is really already all I have asked for. The first and utter most important: There are days where I will want to eat more and will do so (for whatever reason) and that is fucking okay. And just because some fitness influencer is telling you "you should eat 1400 calories a day", "use this product to have a flat stomach", and "only snack on protein bars", it doesn't mean I have to do that. Because that is their job and their focus. But I am more than my body. And learning and accepting that has changed my whole perspective.  

2nd Binge-Free Vacation 

Just got back from my second binge-free vacation of my liiiiife. No anxiety. No panic about where we would eat. No looking at menus ahead of time and trying to count calories. No being out of control and over-indulging in meals until I couldn't move. Just an easy relaxing time away with ZERO focus on food. The. End. I have wanted this life since I was 10. Never thought I could have it.


It was progress, not to have a full-blown binge after overeating which was common in the past because I figured I had already blown the moment so why not. 

Fave Binge Food

I wanted to share a win: I bought granola - binge food for me - and had some straight out of the package without bingeing!! Weekends are always challenging for me so I listened to your weekend prep talk on your podcast, still a bit scared to binge but I feel more confident!

1 Month Binge Free

Your podcast genuinely helped me so much! Almost a month binge-free, thank you!


I feel like I am breaking those old beliefs and behaviours a little each day. My biggest learning so far is that I can actually trust myself. I didn't realise this was a HUGE issue for me that is playing out in my life, in more ways than just binge eating. Learning to trust myself around food is the biggest challenge but I feel like with this course I will get there. 

Baby Steps

I've asked myself a few times this week "What do I really need?" which has been super helpful. Also, in win news, hubby made nachos last night and I didn't feel the need to finish the entire pan!! If that's not baby step progress, I don't know what would be!!


I've just finished my first. meditation, I felt like it was only 2 minutes, it's the first meditation I was able to focus completely on the meditation and guidance with no distractions.I feel so much more at ease and lighter after listening.

Halfway point

At the halfway point today and have definitely been making progress! I allow myself treats without restrictions afterward and I am much more forgiving of myself!!

Food Habituation

So far, things have gone pretty well. I do feel like I've made progress with food habituation, and forgetting that there are 'treats' in the house. I can also really identify situations that would trigger me to overeat. I have also been incessantly listening to your podcast which I have found super helpful and relatable!


Hi! I wanted to message you after I finished the 30-Day Reboot on how it went, but I just need to say this now, your course is just amazing and I can't thank you enough for putting it out there. It's so insightful and helpful. Even though breaking this cycle is hard and I am not there yet, it helps tremendously! I can't recommend this course enough if you struggle with binge eating.

Mindset Shift 

Bríd, thank you!! Your words really helped! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling AWESOME because I just realized that my mindset is changing, when I started the course all I thought was, "Tomorrow I get to eat this thing that I really enjoy" and it was like that for a month because restriction was off and I wanted to eat everything that I liked but yesterday I realized that I don't think about what I'm going to get for breakfast or dinner. I just wake up and see what my body needs and just eat whatever I want without shame or overthinking, and that for me is a major win!! 


Envisioning my higher self was so liberating!! It's made me very excited to get this going and start doing the work to unlock her! Thank you!!

Treasure Tool

The best tool so far for me is the pain progression framework. I think it's the first time in forever that I can sit with my feelings and allow them to really be in my body. It's such a treasure tool!!! AND the meditation beforehand, to notice how I can feel safe in my own body, that was a big help! Just wanted to let you know that I really love the way the course is built! I feel like I am finally getting the "step-by-step" advice that I needed to trust in me and in the process!!!

New Pants

For as long as I can remember, I haven't bought new pants because I was always going to lose some weight first. Right now, almost nothing in my closet fits. But today, I went shopping and bought things that fit my body now. I was nervous and expected it to be hard and triggering. But I deserve to have cute clothes that fit me today, not just when I'm thinner. I found really cute stuff. For a split second, I actually felt content with my body and felt no desire to change it. This hasn't happened in 4 years or so. Huge win!!

Life-Changing Moment

Hey Bríd!! I finished day 10 today and felt so empowered doing the belief work because I realised how much power I have to change my life for the better when my beliefs align and not just my behaviour. It felt like a life-changing moment and such a relief to know that it's not just my "lack of self-discipline", thank you!!

I Hardly Ever Binge

Last exam period, I had no energy because I was doing a 6-week challenge. I couldn't focus, had so much brain fog! But this exam period, I know what I feel like eating, and when I need to eat, I hardly ever binge or overeat! Been going out for dinner a ton and it hasn't set off any binges! Super win for me! Big thanks to you and your page for constantly pushing me!!

The Metaphorical Weight

I just want to say that I am terribly impressed by the program and I am a far way from finishing it, but I can't remember what I ate last week! This is great for me, since I was always obsessed with food tracking, calorie counting, tracking my weight, etc. I have lost weight because I can feel it in my body, but also a metaphorical weight is gone, like emotions, thoughts, and being terribly hard on myself. GONE!!!! Thank you, Bríd. 

I Didn't Even Have The Slightest Urge

Morning Bríd. I just wanted to send you a quick message to share my first win of this programme. I've done days 1 and 2 of the programme. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I have binged. Sometimes it would roll on to the weekends but usually, I'd stop on a Thursday or Friday and severely restrict my calories so that my binge wouldn't show during my check-in with my trainer. This would inevitably lead to a big binge on Monday. I have never told anyone about the disordered earing but I finally told my trainer during the weekend and despite a binge at the start of last week, I didn't restrict myself over the weekend and for, I think, the first Monday of this year I didn't binge, I didn't even have the slightest urge to! Thank you!

1 Year Binge-Free

I've not had a heavy binge in a year thanks to you!

Forgotten The Word Binge

In therapy yesterday, I spent a lot of time reflecting back on where I was when I started and just marveled at how far I've come. The body positivity has been improving so much and there have been stretches of days where I've forgotten the word binge!!

More 'Chill' About Food

I have been waking earlier all week and feel more 'chill' about food, and not focusing on it 24/7!

Something Really Clicked

I'm so glad I've signed up for the 30-Day Reboot! So far, I've been going super slow. I'm only on day-5 right now and trying to give myself time to integrate the lessons and go on when I feel ready. Realizing that my uncomfortable emotions are not dangerous and that I can even find SAFETY in them was HUGE! Life changing. Now, I'm like 'give me the craving to binge' or 'give me some anxiety' so I can test it out. But I've been really mindful of emotions as they come up and try to process them right away and I can't believe though how much joyful emotions get replaced. I've been reading mindfulness books since I was 17 and I feel like something just really clicked now.


The 30-Day Reboot has kick-started a journey to self-acceptance and true FREEDOM around food. I have learnt to accept my body without fear and talk to myself with kindness and compassion. I feel so much more at ease with food and with myself. I'm so glad I took the plunge and invested in this course! Thank you, Bríd.

Finding The Balance

I have almost stopped seeing my day as either bingeing or restricting and I'm slowly finding my balance. Your course has literally been so life-changing and I feel like I have finally chosen to live my life in the moment. 


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything Bríd. You have yet to realise how much this course impacts people living their everyday life around the globe. Thank you for being so available and making us feel like we can truly reach out. I still don't know how you do it considering the amount of work.

A Whole Lot Happier

You're really onto something here! Grateful for your course. Just over a week in and I feel more aligned with my health and wellness; tuning into intuitive eating and a whole lot happier. 

Setting My Brain Free

Just now I'm noticing how amazing your method is. I'm starting to focus on other things lately, setting my brain free of the whole body image mindset. It's been unconsciously in my brain this whole time because of your videos. You've never said to us in other things directly but I feel like each one of your videos lowkey leads to that and it's amazing. Finding your own person, purpose, hobbies, and everything! Thank you so much.


I binged yesterday but I only binged about 1/4 of what I'd normally binge! It's not a massive victory and I'm not 100% recovered but I feel amazing, I don't even feel guilty or anything! This has given me so much more confidence in myself and now I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life. Anywho, I cannot thank you enough! I am not finished with the course yet but it's already doing wonders! 

It's Wild To Me

I have lived the majority of my life in a cycle of bingeing and dieting. Growing up with diet culture in my life, at a certain point, I just believed that was the only option for me. It's a little wild to me that this 30-Day Reboot course did so much to bring me out of that deeply held belief and into a space where I both know I deserve better and have actively been able to do that work. This course has kept me engaged, kept me from bingeing, and most importantly kept me from feeling guilty about my body taking up space in the world. I highly recommend doing this course especially if you don't know where to start. Thank you again for this course. It has truly made all the difference. 

Ditching The Scales

I really like the meditations. I have been listening to your podcast and I have ditched the Garmin watch, so no more tracking calories for workouts. I'm up to ditching the scales, I'm reluctant but I'll do it. I can see that this will make me focus more on feeling healthy and being happier throughout the days. 

It's No Big Deal!

I used to think not having my binge foods in the house was my answer, but learning the opposite is true now with food habituation! It feels amazing having those foods in the house now and feeling like 'it's cool, no big deal'! 

Freedom I've Never Had Before!

Yesterday was my first day not tracking my food after I saw your story about getting rid of MyFitnessPal. I was like "Okay I'm going to try this!" It was a bit scary at first but I honestly felt MORE in control by not tracking. It gave me a sense of confidence and freedom I've never had before. Thank you!

The Second Time Around

Just finished the course for the second time and I found it super interesting how similar my day 30 was to the first time around! 

The Magic Of Working With Bríd

I started my journey to recovery with Bríd from a place of love. It took me years of suffering and denial to get to that point but I was so glad I finally asked for help. The magic of working with Bríd is that, despite everyone's stories being different, I could resonate with so much of her own experience; that was key for me in choosing to work with her. Only 3 weeks into our 1:1 work, and it felt like chatting with a friend, and the progress I made in that short space of time already had me bingeing so much less, generally being more mindful around food, and feeling more like my old self - my ultimate long term goals. 

Binge Eating Disorder Is Hard For People To Understand

BTW, I wanted to tell you I truly think you are amazing for helping people. Binge eating disorder is so hard for people to understand even if you dit down and explain to them what's going on; they don't get it. So having someone who went through it and understands the struggle makes me hopeful that maybe one day I'll love my body. So, thank you again! 

The Devil In Orange Sugary Liquid

So I just wanted to share my excitement. For breakfast, I had biscuits with butter, vegan sausage, and orange juice on the side. I literally can't remember the last time I actually allowed myself to have these things and not feel guilty. Orange juice used to be the 'devil in orange sugary liquid' form and just forget about biscuits! I was scared of just about anything with white flour. Just wanted to let you know that your page has really helped me! I wish I could just share all this knowledge with all the girls out there who haven't discovered this amazing way of eating intuitively. 

"The Mirror Thing"

I just did Day-4, the one with inner child work, and it was extremely profound! I did meditations like this before, connecting with the inner child and usually, it does get deep indeed. I've cried and had realisations, but this was much more intense for some reason. The mirror thing was also something new, it deepened the connection, and it was truly unbelievable. I realised stuff I haven't until now. I literally heard my child's voice talking to me. It was amazing! Thank you so much! It's only day 4 and I really love it! 

Less Restriction Is More

I'm making some progress and you're so right, the less you restrict, the less you binge and it frees up so much energy for positive thoughts and feelings. I love your stories and posts! 

Emotional Eating Since I Was 12 Years Old

Thank you so much for that meditation. It was wonderful. I was feeling stressed and anxious going in and at the end of it, I felt so relaxed. I needed this so badly. I have struggled with emotional eating since I was 12 years old. I can't wait for tomorrow to learn how to heal from those emotions instead of turning to food to numb them. Thank you soo much! 

I Feel Empowered

Thanks for another great meditation. I really needed this one. I have NEVER sat and let my "negative" emotions just be so I could learn from them. I'm so thankful to you. This one really changed me and gave me a great tool to use. I feel empowered! Thank you!!


We got out of lockdown this week! I've never been so happy going out to restaurants and eating with family without fear of bingeing afterward! Usually, I'd go home and binge after going out to eat or anything like that, but since the lockdown finished, I have not binged once after going out!!! 

4-Weeks Binge Free

I just want to tell you that I took 4 weeks off my job, saw the people I love, and did a lot of fun stuff and I didn't binge the whole 4 weeks! I just felt safe and not alone at all and that's what really helped me. Now I am so thankful to be able to have that experience. I am even more motivated to do more of what I really want and need. The main focus for me now is to eat regularly and to spend time with others while also making time for me to relax. I am really happy to be able to say that I know what helps me feel good and I am ready to keep working on it. Thank you so much for your help! I just felt like sharing this with you.

My Win

Having some ice cream and carrying on with my day like normal. Not feeling like my day has been ruined.

6 Months Restriction Free

I have not restricted myself in 6 months! 

Not To Be Dramatic, But...

Bríd!! I finished the 30-Day Reboot this morning! I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Not to be dramatic but this course has genuinely changed my life! I have learnt new ways to deal with emotions, got to the root of my bingeing, learnt to embrace food freedom, worked on my body image, and so so much more. I feel so free and I am so grateful!! Thank you SO much. I feel confident going forward now to continue with my recover. Every day I feel more myself. I don't have enough words to thank you. So grateful for you! 

My Win

Eating more than usual because I felt like it but not entering a binge mentality! 


Can't believe this is MY life!! All because I found YOU!

Absolutely Amazing!

This podcast on soothing breathwork patterns was absolutely amazing!

I Was At Such a Low Point

Wow!! I just finished the 30-Day Reboot. Just want to say a quick thank you so heckin' much from the bottom for my heart. The change in myself from the beginning to now is amazing, I am so excited for the next part of my journey and I couldn't have gotten here without you. When I came across the reboot, I was at such a low point in my life and at a loss. I thought I would never be able to stop bingeing and that there was something wrong with me. You changed all of that, so thank you so much again. You're amazing! 

Food Relationship

Hey Bríd! This has been really good, thanks. I feel like I've made so much progress with my relationship with food! I don't think I've had a binge for agas now! 

Approaching Myself With Kindness

Hey Bríd! I cannot believe this course. It's amazing! I am taking my time to process every single input from you. This is life-changing! Thank you so much! 


Thank you so much!!!!! Bingeing is something I've done for about 10 years now, similar to you, and it definitely takes time but it's so worth it! This stuff is so powerful!! I feel so free.

The Final Binge

The thought of another binge doesn't even feel tempting!! Like, I thought maybe I'd have one more final binge for fun, but I really don't want to! 

Body Image Healing

So Glad I Took The Plunge

I have learnt to accept my body without fear and talk to myself with kindness and compassion. I feel sooo much more at ease with food and with myself. I’m so glad I took the plunge and invested in this course! Thank you Brid

I Love Myself Now

What I really wanted was to feel more confident in myself, to treat myself like a best friend, and to not let my emotions run the show. Brid taught me all of that and more. I love myself now. 

Free In A Bikini

I went on vacation without feeling the need to 'prepare' my body and while I was there I ran in my bikini without feeling the need to suck in my stomach!

My Blessed Curves!

I spent most of my life wishing I had your body type and ignoring these blessed curves I got. And why?! Because society and diet culture told me so? F that!! I am finally learning to love them because of your teaching. 

Body Relationship

Hi Bríd!! I'm midway through the course. So, I've been taking it slow and really giving myself the time to work on every ask. So far I think my body relationship and eating relationship have improved. Now, I eat everything I want and I don't even think about bingeing. 

About More Than Food

This has changed my life in more ways than just food. I feel confident in my body and myself. Something I never thought would be possible. Thank you so much!! 


Bríd teaches me how to accept myself by being a wonderful example of accepting me and also accepting herself. I'm so grateful for her time and help!  

My Biggest Win

Accepting my body and learning to love it as it is now, doing things that make me feel more confident, and being more attentive to my feelings! Forever thankful for you and your program!

Sustainable Fat Loss

Learning Sustainable Fat Loss

I wanted to continue my journey after completing the 30 Day Reboot. Still healing my relationship with food while learning a heathier way to eat and ultimately losing weight that I've been struggling with. I appreciated your gentle approach to this. It combined science and mindset. I found that helpful. I also appreciated the consistent, positive, non-triggering messaging in this course.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this course. I see all the work, knowledge, and love you have put in it! 

Staying Happy And Healthy

I've recently tried to satisfy every single one of my cravings as soon as possible, and I guess it worked pretty well because now I seldom crave food like crazy. I've also started going back to the gym and doing some light cardio to stay happy and healthy. I guess it worked too because I'm eating a lot of food but my weight is still in control.  

My Strong And Happy Body

One major win that I have had in recovery is that I am learning to let go of my "dream body". The body that I starved and controlled myself for, for years! I am discovering the beauty of my own body. I am ready to go back to dance classes! I am ready to show off my strong and happy body while truly being myself.