Free From Binge-Eating With Brid

Free From Binge-Eating With Brid

Hosted by: Bríd

Are you sick of feeling guilty binge-after-binge, tired of hating your body, and so DONE with yo-yoing between bingeing and restricting? Then THIS is the podcast for you! I wasted 10 years obsessing and stressing...

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This ONE Easy Trick Helped Me With My Binge-Eating Recovery

Episode #14

Sometimes it can be the smallest, most simple shifts that can make the difference along the way. In this quickie, I share one change that truly helped me recover that little bit faster.   To work with me, visit...
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How To Handle Mean Comments About Weight/Appearance/Diet

Episode #15

Particularly, as we come out of lockdown and see people for the first time in a while - we may be fearing the "Oh, you gained weight" comments. Listen to this ep for 7 tips of dealing with this.   To work with me,...
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Do You Obsess About Getting Back To The 'Old You'? I Used To!

Episode #16

I used to obsessively look at skinnier pictures of me, trying to use it as motivation to lose weight. Only it totally backfired and just made me more sad and more restrictive. Listen to this ep if you're doing that...
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Why Getting Help Is Easier Than Trying To Heal Alone

Episode #17

"But you can figure it out on your own and save money!". Yep, that was me! I spent years trying to 'fix' my binge-eating alone, and I wish I had just reached out for help. Give this ep a listen if you're on the fence...
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Why Are You Binge-Eating Even Though You Know It's Not Good For You?

Episode #18

Are you self-sabotaging all the time? Whether it's saying you're going to stick to a diet plan but don't, or saying you're never going to binge again but do - in this ep, I'll go through what's stopping you from...
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What Does It Mean To "Be In Your Body" & How Can We Do It?

Episode #19

We always hear: 'Listen to your body!' or 'Be in your body more'. In this ep, I break down why we want to do this more and what on earth it means!   Let's work together! DM me on Instagram...
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What is Food Habituation & How You Can Do It

Episode #20

"I just can't trust myself with cookies in the kitchen!" - If this is you, then Food Habituation is definitely something to look into! It really worked for me and that's why I've created this intro ep to Food...
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Why Is Awareness The First Step Towards Healing?

Episode #21

Change begins when consciousness begins. Everything we do starts with a thought. We can’t notice our patterning and disempowering ways of thinking and doing things if we’re not aware. In this ep, I talk about how to...
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Why Is Everyone Always Banging On About "Breathwork"?

Episode #22

If you ain't on the breathwork bandwagon, then it's time to hop on! Breath is the most accessible, simple and powerful tool you have - it'll not only help you with your binge-eating and restricting. It'll do so much...
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Is Your Bingeing ALWAYS Down To Something Big That Happened In Your Past?

Episode #23

The 'why' behind binge-eating can be messy and complicated. Sometimes we think if we just eat more food and focus on nourishing our body then we'll fix the problem. Sometimes we think it's because of something...
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I Binge & Restrict Because I Don't Feel Good Enough. How Do I Heal This?

Episode #24

For many, restricting, dieting and bingeing comes down to that feeling of not being good enough. Or hot enough. Or pretty enough. It's our worthiness wound! In this ep, I discuss how to heal that wound.   Let's work...
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I JUST BINGED, HELP! Here's Your Post-Binge Pep Talk

Episode #25

Did you just binge and are feeling so bad about yourself. Listen to this straight-to-the-point episode for a major pick-me-up that'll whip your head space into shape!   Let's work together! DM me on Instagram...
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